21 December 2011


We are in the process of carrying out repairs to the ash frame on an Alvis Speed 20SB and have just chosen and collected the lenghts of ash before Ian starts work on reproducing parts of the frame.

Some of the ash ready for cutting and shaping

16 December 2011


One of our customers has asked us if we know of anyone looking for a Rolls-Royce 20/25.  We do not buy or sell cars ourselves, but have said we can put her information on our blog.  We give no warranty as to the condition or suitability of the car for any potential buyer, but will be able to pass details on to our customer if you are interested.

FOR SALE 1935 Rolls Royce 20/25  TRIALS CAR
Chassis Number GSF-3
Sunshine Saloon/ Long Wheel Base 
Barker Body
A very original car with Coachwork by Barker.
Engine Overhaul 1971 (61,000 miles on clock) .
Total Body Bare Mental Re-spray 2000.
Fifth owner. 
Owned for 15 years by RREC Scottish Section Member
All invoices of work carried out.  Over £25,000 spent
Fifth owner since new.
One of the first cars with a Sunroof and Dipped Headlights.
Barker’s publicised her new body shape in December 1935.
Rolls Royce Motor Car Bulletin of December 1935 and documented in Bird’s and Hallows.  
RREC Rallies (Central Southern, North East Section, Oxford Section, Scottish Section, Yorkshire Section and some Euros).
First Point of Contact:  ianmilford@vintage-engineering.co.uk

07 December 2011


Ian and Graeme running cables
The work on the front brakes of the1930 Rolls-Royce 20/25 is now complete and the front axle king pins and bearings have been replaced.  The one-shot system has been overhauled and we have just finished replacing the clutch.  The re-wire is underway and the gearbox will be refitted once the wiring conduits are back in position.  When the wiring is completed we will move on to the back brakes and refitting the front wings.

Clutch pressure plate complete with old lining
Pressure plate stripped down

Clutch cover with fingers removed

Clutch fingers and pivots ready for overhaul

New linings on pressure plates

Pressure springs and other components ready for build up

Clutch cover with fingers in position

Pressure plate assembled ready for refitting

Clutch into position on flywheel

02 December 2011

Snowed under

The blog may have been quiet for a few weeks, but here in the workshop we've been snowed under, although not literally quite yet as the first few flakes have settled in the last couple of days.

The mouse nest is just visible on the left and
the wires it has exposed are on the right

The guys have been keeping busy with various different vehicles including removing a mouse nest from an MGB GT and repairing the wiring loom it's resident decided to eat!

The nest in all its glory!

We also finished a few minor jobs on the 1964 Porsche 356C in time for its owner to drive it down to the Scottish Austin Seven AGM in New Lanark where it was much admired before being driven home to the North of Scotland.

World's Smallest v12 Engine

Time to branch out?  Here's a video link sent by one of our customers with a V12 E-type

World's Smallest v12 Engine Break.com

28 October 2011


This car was recently acquired by one of our clients and is having a few minor jobs carried out.  We are currently awaiting delivery of the final few parts including the repaired seat frame and will then check the items off our list.


The rewire is now well under way and should be finished next week.  We then have one or two other minor tasks to carry out before it can return home to its owner.


The two Jaguar E-types we were working on late last year/early this year are both back in for a return visit. 

The V12 commemorative one (black) is having an end of season service and MOT work including changing the steering rack which has developed a leak over this season.

The blue 4.2 series 2 is having an SU carburettor conversion together with a higher ratio diff to improve performance.


Work continues on the recommissioning of this 20/25.  The work on the front cross-member is now completed (see photos below) and the front axle repairs are now well underway.  All parts have now been over-hauled ready to assemble.  The next job is to fit and ream the brake shaft bushes before the king pins, etc, are built up

Heavily corroded front cross-member

Original front cross-member (rear) with newly
fabricated replacement near completion (front)
Original chassis fillets at rear with new replacement parts
in foreground

25 October 2011

The Scotsman

  Look out for The Scotsman on Friday 28th October which has dealer profile all about us in the motoring section

24 October 2011


Time seems to have flown by as we have been busy at various shows and events.

Congratulations to Raymond, Graeme and Roy who managed our entry at Scone's Farming of Yesteryear and won Best Trade Stand.  We have a lovely shield for the year as a reminder. 

The workshop is busier than ever at the moment with a good variety of work ranging from repairs to an ash frame on an Alvis Speed 20 SB, major recommissioning work on a Rolls-Royce 20/25, rewiring a Jaguar SS100 and services to a brace of E-type Jaguars which featured in earlier posts.

Tomorrow we have the Scotsman Newspaper coming up to take photographs and interview us for a feature in a forthcoming motoring section so look out for more information.

02 September 2011


CONGRATULATIONS to two more of our clients on their recent prizes

1902 Arrol-Johnston
Recent cup winner for best car in show

1969 Jaguar E-type
Second prize at the Mearns Show
We regularly carry out servicing and small jobs on the Arrol-Johnston, and the E-type was a fairly large restoration project earlier this year.  More pictures can be found on our website http://www.vintage-engineering.co.uk/ and earlier posts on this blog.

01 September 2011


One of Ian's favourites is back in the workshop for a little attention.  This is a 1923 WO Bentley which has remained in the same family for a very long time.  She was at Le Mans with the Ecurie du Lapin Blanc and still has the invitation to the 1938 prize-giving pasted to the inside of her door.  She is in for us to have a look at her steering and have some new tyres fitted.

Soon to undergo some work on the steering

In her wartime role

29 August 2011


Our long term project of the Austin Healey 3000 BJ8 has been collected today by its owners and is off on a tour of the UK before being shipped to their home in Australia.  The car arrived in a very sorry state albeit bearing a brand new MOT!  We have carried out a full restoration including engine rebuild, bodywork and re-spray, new trim, re-chroming, etc. and its owner was thrilled when he came to pick the car up this morning.  We are sorry to see it go, but with the chilly summer weather here in Scotland we are sure Australia is more appealing.
Bidding the Healey a fond farewell

Parcel tape was holding some parts

Corrosion clearly visible

Part way through the restoration

Nearing the end with the new trim
being fitted

Work even has to be carried out on
new parts - the replacement hood
was 6" too wide at the back and 2"
too wide at the front so needed
alterations to fit correctly

The finished car ready for collection

24 August 2011

Rolls-Royce Radiators

I have just been watching a fascinating video about the fabrication of Rolls-Royce radiators.

22 August 2011

Austin Healey 3000 Test drive

Ian has been out over the last few days putting some miles on the Austin Healey so that it can undergo a 500 mile service before being collected at the end of the week and sent off to its new home in Australia.
Friday saw him (with Raymond) across to Killin and back via Loch Tay, Aberfeldy and Pitlochry and then it was up into Aberdeenshire and Speyside on Saturday.  The car is performing well and currently having one or two minor adjustments so that it is ready for the weekend.

09 August 2011


The Austin Healey is now nearing completion.  This has been a huge project following its purchase on Ebay.  The trim is being fitted as I type and the last mechanical parts are being fitted before its MOT test next week.  We will then need to run it in and carry out its 500 mile service prior to collection at the end of the month.  Following a tour of the UK by the car's owners, it will be heading for its new home in Australia.

Trim being fitted up


We are now all back from our various holidays and on the go again.

The work on the WILLYS JEEP is now finished and it is off for MOT on Thursday - the first time it has been on the road for 13 years

The BENTLEY S3 CONTINENTAL is also just about finished and, again, has an MOT on Thursday.

The VAUXHALL 30-98 is back with us due to engine problems.  These appear to have been caused by poor repairs at some time in the past.  Following investigation, including compression and leak down tests, we have found that there is a crack in the cylinder block between  the bore and the valve on No 3 cylinder.  There is a small clip of one of the tests being carried out below:

Our own BULLNOSE MORRIS engine rebuild is finished and the clutch and gearbox have been fitted prior to putting it all back in the car.  Hopefully the sunshine will continue and we can get some outings before rain stops play!

We have also had a number of smaller jobs on the go including changing the alternator on a VW Beetle for some passing German tourists, the red Derby Bentley has been in for a quick service before heading off for a continental tour and Ian had a wee bit of work on an Austin 7 too.

05 August 2011


Come along and see our very own Roy on stage in The King and I

Tickets available on the night or in advance from Roy at MVE

12 July 2011


Since our post yesterday congratulating the Rolls-Royce 25/30 on her prize, we have today heard from the owner of the red Derby Bentley 3 1/2 litre that she, too, has been winning prizes.  He emailed to say "Currently running very well and won a ‘concours d’elegance’ last month" - Congratulations!

The car will be back with us next month for an oil change before heading off on a 4,000 mile continental trip.

11 July 2011


Congratulations to the Rolls-Royce 25/30 that we look after.  It won the Touring Class at the recent Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club National Rally held recently at Rockingham Castle

30 June 2011

Other workshop news

Newly cored radiator

Willys Jeep

The radiator is back from having a new core fitted.  The other new parts have now arrived, so we will be back onto the project shortly.

20hp part way through fitting
new king pins and bushes

Rolls Royce 20hp

The king pin and bushes are currently being replaced on Lavinia's N/S front axle

Newly fabricated top water plate visible
under copper pipes in centre of picture

1902 Arrol-Johnston

We have now finished fabricating a replacement top water plate and this can be seen in place on the photo.  Once the oil feed tank and cooling pipes are all back in position and tightened up we can test the car before returning it to its owner.

1920 Vauxhall 30-98

Work continues on the Vauxhall 30-98.  The front springs and axle are back on the car and Ian is currently rebuilding the water pump.

Front axle back in position

Bentley S3 Continental

Bentley S3 Continental

We have an S3 Bentley in the workshop for a service to include work on the brakes.  The brake shoes are currently being re-lined, the brake servo has been refaced and the master cylinder has been overhauled.

29 June 2011

Scottish Transport Extravaganza

Come and see us at the Scottish Transport Extravaganza on 9th and 10th July at Glamis Castle in Angus.

We look forward to meeting you and will have a photographic display of our work, together with one or two cars