24 February 2012

1935 3 1/2 Litre Derby Bentley

 During investigation of the cooling problems this car was experiencing, we removed the side plates to inspect the waterways and the visible areas appeared free.  Using our bore-scope we were able to see further into the hidden areas where it became apparent that there was a great deal of corrosion and debris blocking the water circulation around the push rod side of the cylinder block.
This has all been cleaned out and new copper tubes inserted.  Raymond is now lapping in the valves before putting the engine back together.

Side plate removed from block showing some corrosion although
water was still able to circulate (small gap visible on left).
Main corrosion found on opposite side of block out of sight

Corrosion visible in the cylinder head

Cylinder head and block with new copper tubes inserted

Cylinder block

Raymond laps in the valves

1930 ROLLS-ROYCE 20/25

We are in the final stages of the roof restoration on the 20/25.  Graeme and Ian have been busy fitting the smoker's hatch to the top of the roof and have now finished fitting the brass pin bead and guttering.  Graeme has now masked off the brass pin bead to paint it black.

Brass pin bead visible around the bottom and side of the roof
with the new guttering coming down to meet it

New guttering going on

Rear of car masked off to paint the brass pin bead in black

10 February 2012

1973 MGB GT

Raymond is working on this MGB GT at the moment.  It is having the front suspension and the rear brakes overhauled.  Yesterday the sub-frame was shot-blasted to remove the surface corrosion and allow us to check its overall condition and today Roy has been busy painting it ready for fitting up next week when the new parts arrive. 

Front suspension removed from the car with corrosion
easily visible

Front suspension stripped down awaiting

Front sub-frame re-painted following shot-blasting


One of our regular customers has just bought an Austin Big Seven.  He limped it up to the workshop last week and Ian has now cleaned out the fuel system and put a new bottom in the rusty fuel tank.  We are currently overhauling the brakes which were in an advanced state of wear.  Once this is completed we will be servicing the car and treating the underside and cavities with Dinitrol wax protection.

Interior of petrol tank showing extensive corrosion