20 November 2013

1939 ROVER 16

The Rover has been out for a test drive and is performing well.  It is off for a voluntary MOT test tomorrow and will then be cleaned up ready for delivery to the owners.

13 November 2013

School visit

Yesterday the P1s and 2s from the local primary school came to visit for their topic on Transport.  Ian told them all sorts of interesting things about the cars in the workshop and they all had a sit in our own Bullnose Morris.  Today we have received three large sheets from the school with drawings and thank you letters.  Hopefully some new enthusiasts have been created!

12 November 2013

1952 Alvis TA21

Well, the engine on the Alvis is now stripped down to its component parts.  It is extremely poor and we suspect that someone has used modern-type oil in this vintage engine.  It is so important to use the correct oil - all the moving parts in this engine have deep scores caused by carbon embedding itself into the soft bearing material and wearing away at the hard metal surfaces.

The waterways were also totally choked up with corrosion and debris so that the engine had been running quite hot.

Engine just as it has come out of the car

Corrosion and silt blocking the waterways

Timing chain tensioner right out on its maximum setting

Crankshaft before removal

Oil pump shaft showing scores due to carbon embedded in casing

04 November 2013


After months of work on the rotten frame, the owners have picked up their Alvis Speed 20 SB today.  The car looks stunning and they are very pleased with it.

Stripped back to find the horrors
underneath the metal skin
New parts of the frame going into position

Ready to go to the body/paint shop

All finished