18 March 2011


We have noticed over the years how jobs seem to go in cycles - brakes, gearboxes, engine rebuilds, etc.  At the moment it seems to be re-wiring.

Close up of cables
This 1929 Lagonda is here to have a full rewire.  Ian has stripped out the old cables (which included PVC, bell wire and a number of burnt out cables) and is now running the new cotton braided replacements. 

Starting to strip out old cables

New cables
The dynamo is being converted to a two brush type and a later cut-out can be seen on the firewall.  This is our workshop one while we await delivery of the new part


Finishing touches inside engine bay

The engine and gearbox are all back in the car and we have been busy sorting out electrical faults.  The owner has decided to have the paint work tidied up before it gets several coats of lacquer.  Once the car comes back from the paint shop we will refit the trim (seats, carpets, etc) and then road test.  If all is OK it will then be MOTd before going off in time for the 50th birthday celebrations


Ready for collection

 The 3 1/2 litre Derby Bentley is now ready for collection following some work to the back axle, a new exhaust system, full service and MOT.  This car does a number of foreign trips so look out for her on the roads around Europe.


Pre-season check
This car had a major service at the tail end of last year so she just needed a quick pre-season check this morning.  This included tyre pressures, fluid levels and a repair to one of the rear lights.    Fortunately, she is regularly maintained which means that any potential problems are picked up fairly quickly before they become a major issue.

10 March 2011


1st, 2nd and reverse gear visible
 The gearbox rebuild is complete with the gears now correctly aligned.

3rd and top gear visible
The servo has been stripped since we found it was semi-seized with oil holes blocked due to paint.  It has also had incorrect linings fitted at some stage.  Once the new linings arrive it will rebuilt.

The next job is to fit the flywheel and clutch prior to re-fitting the gearbox

Gearbox from bell-housing end
Brake servo stripped
Rebuilt gearbox (from servo side)

03 March 2011


We have the trusty 1924 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost back in the workshop to have her newly refurbished dynamo refitted. 


We have been contacted by someone looking for a pre-1931 Austin Seven.  He is looking for anything apart from a Nippy, sports model or a special.  If you are thinking of selling, please get in touch and we'll forward details and leave all parties to their own negotiations.