20 April 2011


The car has come in for a service and MOT work. 
Graeme has been working on the rear sub-frame, overhauling the brakes and drive shafts.  This is now complete and ready for fitting back onto the car.  The sump was off for repair to damaged sump bung threads which has been completed. 

Rear sub-frame stripped out
Rear sub-frame ready for refitting
Rust visible in hub bearing
Perished front suspension bushes

The front suspension joints are undergoing replacement and this has thrown up a quality control issue with the new spare parts which our suppliers are currently trying to rectify.  The problem we highlighted has caused them to reject the new batch of these parts as well as the batch ours came from.  Quality control of new parts continues to be a problem for some makes of older cars.


This van has recently had a re-spray and bodywork with one of our colleagues.  We were then asked to give her a service and MOT as well as check the compressions since she was not running particularly well. 
Upon checking the cause became clear since the valve guides on the 'refurbished' engine already in the van had not been fitted correctly meaning that the valves had been badly worn.  New valves and guides were fitted and the head was skimmed before the re-assembly.


The rewire is virtually complete and the wings and running boards have been re-fitted so she is starting to look more like a car again.  We are currently re-fitting the interior trim and are simply waiting for the return of one of the instruments from the engraver.  Once this is back in the car she should be ready to leave us suitably shod in new rubber with refurbished wheels to boot.

Instrument panel awaiting final clock

A car once more!

Refurbished and repainted wheels with new Blockley tyres


The rewire is now complete and we are just awaiting the return of the dynamo from repair.

Engine bay and bulkhead following re-wire

 In the meantime we have fabricated original-type shock absorber mounts and fitted them to the car.


Raymond and Roy are carrying out a "small" service on the Phantom II.  This includes a couple of A4 sheets of points to check, lubricate, adjust and renew such as coolant, oils, one-shot system, etc.  Regular servicing not only keeps the car in tip-top condition, but also alerts us of any potential problems, thus saving the owner both money and time.
Base to oil filter pick-up gauze
Cleaned and new gasket, ready to be refitted

LAGONDA 2 litre Continental

The car is having its clutch and bushes replaced and being prepared for the season ahead. 
Ian is busy making new parts where none are available.

Turning new parts on the lathe

Some of the new parts


Refurbished clutch fingers
We have now received the clutch fingers back from refurbishment and are ready to re-fit the gearbox to "Bertie"