24 May 2013


We have certainly been extremely busy here in the workshop.  

The Austin Big 7 engine and gearbox rebuild was completed back in January ready to return to the customer for fitting however he decided that he would like us to fit them (he had removed them himself).  Ian went down to collect the car itself and was also given a list of other jobs our customer wanted us to carry out.  These included a re-wire and a suspension overhaul.  Our customer had an event he planned to attend this weekend (25/26 May) and was looking forward to getting the car back.  However, when the work was completed and we were able to road test the car there was a horrendous howl from the back axle - diff problems!  We tried the usual suppliers for parts but were not able to source many.  Luckily our customer had a contact who "might just have a back axle around".  A few phone calls later and the friend was delighted to have an excuse to come and visit us (something he had been wanting to do, apparently).  Fortunately we then had enough parts to make up a good back axle which is now fitted back into the car and as quiet as a mouse.  

The car is ready for collection by a delighted customer who will also drop in on his way home after his trip for a 500 mile oil change (following the rebuild) and check over.

Engine and gearbox arrives at MVE
Engine stripped down

New and original components
cleaned and ready to rebuild
Rebuild almost complete

Engine back in the car

Stripping the gearbox
Bellhousing view- before

Ready for cleaning up and inspection
Starting to build back up

Building back up
Remaining parts for refitting


When starting to fit the loom we were puzzled as to why some of the cables appeared to be the wrong length.  Upon further investigation it became clear that some of the electrical parts had been fitted in the wrong place on this car.  Once they were re-positioned correctly the cables reached without any problem.

Ready to start stripping cables
We were also asked to use this
opportunity to clean up the bulkhead

Instrument panel about to be rewired
Almost there!

Ready to go