11 November 2015


We have been looking at various vans to take on as a project for a little while and, in May 2015 we came across a rather nice Morris Z van in Wales.

We used one of our trusted transport companies to collect the van and deliver it up to us in Perthshire for work to begin on transforming it for Milford Vintage Engineering.

It was in a fairly good condition upon arrival, but we had decided to change its livery to our blue with gold sign writing.  We started by stripping off all the fittings, ladders, roof panel, glass, etc, before sending it to the body shop/painter we use, Gordon Needs.

Stripped out
Off to the body shop

As he got stuck into the project, Gordon discovered that the sills had been filled/patched with fibre glass.  Our philosophy is to "do it right" first time and not have to revisit work in the future, so the body was removed from the chassis so that the sills could be replaced along with sections of the lower body.

Going back to bare metal

Whilst the body was off, we took the opportunity to overhaul the chassis, including shot blasting to remove the rather garish yellow paint.  It was then painted in a couple of coats of primer and then black gloss.

Ready for steam cleaning

Ready for the body to be refitted
The springs have been stripped down, cleaned up and rebuilt, the axles have been stripped, cleaned and re-painted.  The brakes have been stripped, overhauled, new pipes run and then rebuilt and the steering box was overhauled.  Once the chassis work was completed it went back to the body shop and the van body was refitted.

Springs are stripped down to
 individual leaves

Springs will be removed for overhaul

Springs back on chassis

Brakes have been overhauled (master cylinder visible)

The van is being re-painted with numerous coats of primer and colour coat with a cream interior and blue exterior.  The wings and radiator grille are black.

Body in primer
Some of the panels in primer

The interior has been given a fresh coat of cream

Body is now in colour coat

Front wing