24 March 2014

A Brace of Bentleys

As we so often find, good things come in pairs.  We already have one WO Bentley in the workshop with engine problems and another regular has just popped in for a couple of minor jobs "while-u-wait".

20 March 2014


We currently have a lovely 4 1/2 litre WO Bentley in the workshop. 

Apparently it has had a number of piston seizures over a relatively short time since having had a new block fitted.  Ian has now stripped it down and found evidence of seizure on 3 pistons, with No 1 being particularly bad.  We are now in the middle of investigating the cause, but suspect overheating due to a number of factors.  More will be reported soon......

No 1 piston showing severe damage

Nos 2 and 3 pistons showing damage, but not as bad as No 1!