30 June 2011

Other workshop news

Newly cored radiator

Willys Jeep

The radiator is back from having a new core fitted.  The other new parts have now arrived, so we will be back onto the project shortly.

20hp part way through fitting
new king pins and bushes

Rolls Royce 20hp

The king pin and bushes are currently being replaced on Lavinia's N/S front axle

Newly fabricated top water plate visible
under copper pipes in centre of picture

1902 Arrol-Johnston

We have now finished fabricating a replacement top water plate and this can be seen in place on the photo.  Once the oil feed tank and cooling pipes are all back in position and tightened up we can test the car before returning it to its owner.

1920 Vauxhall 30-98

Work continues on the Vauxhall 30-98.  The front springs and axle are back on the car and Ian is currently rebuilding the water pump.

Front axle back in position

Bentley S3 Continental

Bentley S3 Continental

We have an S3 Bentley in the workshop for a service to include work on the brakes.  The brake shoes are currently being re-lined, the brake servo has been refaced and the master cylinder has been overhauled.

29 June 2011

Scottish Transport Extravaganza

Come and see us at the Scottish Transport Extravaganza on 9th and 10th July at Glamis Castle in Angus.

We look forward to meeting you and will have a photographic display of our work, together with one or two cars


The Jaguar E-type that came to us as a part project with a number of boxes has left our workshops today looking and sounding fantastic!
Ready to go with a new MOT

A reminder of how the car arrived with us
(together with loads of boxes of parts)
 You can see the car at the Scottish Transport Extravaganza at Glamis Castle on 9th and 10th July

23 June 2011


Sarah and Ian will be attending the Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club Scottish Day at The Scottish Antiques Centre near Doune FK16 6HG with a display of recent work on Jaguars.
For more information on the event please contact Terry McDougall on terrymcdougall@hotmail.co.uk

17 June 2011


The E-type is nearing completion and should be MOTd this coming week following which it will be thoroughly cleaned and polished for collection.

Ian connects up the cigar lighter

Most of the trim is now in place (but not yet vacuumed!)

Original seats are back in the car

View of the under-bonnet with rebuilt engine


1902 Arrol-Johnston Dogcart
 The Arrol-Johnston has come in for a visit prior to an event in a few weeks' time.  Ian went up to service her and discovered that the top water jacket plate had developed a number of cracks and was no longer serviceable.  
Arrol-Johnston engine with plate
clearly visible below copper tubes

This is a cast aluminium plate and, unfortunately, would not weld.  Due to the time constraints on us, Ian has fabricated a replacement from sheet aluminium by cutting and milling the individual parts prior to welding them together and final machining.

Original plate on left and outer rim
section of new plate on right

Centre section of new plate recessed
into outer section

Ian cuts small sections of aluminium

Close up cutting aluminium


Replacement plate prior to welding

10 June 2011


Rear brake shoes contaminate with
oil from the back axle
 Following her earlier visit to us with fuel problems, Lavinia  (1927 Rolls-Royce 20hp) has just been back to have her brakes overhauled, steering poundages set and all lubrication checked before her journey south to the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club Annual Rally at Rockingham Castle next weekend. 

Rear brake and hub parts
ready for cleaning

The rear brakes were heavily contaminated with oil so had to be re-lined.  Following re-fitting we used our specialist brake cutter to ensure that the shoes would have maximum contact with the drums when applied.

Our specialist brake cutting tool ensures that, when applied,
the brake shoes have maximum contact with the drum in all
positions without having any high spots

 On checking her fluid levels, we found several that were low, including the steering box and the gearbox from which we drained less than an eggcup of oil.

On inspection, the steering box had
virtually no oil present

 She was collected yesterday for her drive to an overnight stop near Carlisle and will make her way gracefully down over the next week.


We have been asked to bring this jeep back to being road-worthy and MOTd.  Generally, it is in a pretty good condition, however the brakes and suspension need some work as well as sorting out a leaky radiator.

Parts are fairly easy to come by so wheel cylinders, brake linings, etc have all been ordered up.  The radiator is going away to a specialist we use, as are the springs which need a couple of new leaves and then re-tempering.

Estimating work required
Broken brake lining

Front hub stripped

Engine bay

Engine bay following removal of


The E-type is nearing completion now with the trim going in.  We hope to have her MOTd next week and back to our customer.

Sound deadening and carpets going in
(it will have a good vacuum before delivery)

Door trims starting to be fitted

02 June 2011

Bertie goes home

Bertie goes home

 Ian has left to drive Bertie, the Rolls-Royce 20hp, back to his home in the West.  Ian will then return with a Bentley S3 for some work on the brakes