20 March 2015

1934 ROLLS-ROYCE 20/25

This car used to belong to the owner's aunt before leaving the family for a few years.

Following its arrival last spring, work on this phase of the 20/25 restoration is almost complete.  (The owner is thinking about tackling the body and paint work next year, after using the car for the summer).

One of the final tasks has been the front seats.  As you can see from the photographs, the leather had discoloured and torn after 80 years of use.

Now we are just awaiting the return of the wheels following painting and new tyres then it will be time for road testing the car.

Although the base has already been removed, the wear on the seat
is quite apparent

Finished article back in the car
(note that the 'mark' under the steering wheel is only a shadow)

13 March 2015


We have an old favourite back in the workshop this week - the 1902 Arrol-Johnston dog car.  Ian has been looking after this old girl for nearly 20 years now and she continues to be used regularly.

A quick wash to remove the road dirt ready for work to begin
You can see that the rear seat base has been removed to allow access to the engine

She is in for a service and for some work on the fuel system before heading up to the Grampian Transport Museum to be part of one of their displays this year.

Ian explains the lubrication system to Arnoult

Arnoult start to refill the engine with fresh oil