25 February 2011

Quick up-date

Apologies for the lack of entries over the last week or so - Sarah has been off touring the country. 
Work continues on the two Derby Bentleys as well as the Jaguar E-type and an MGB GT. 
More information will follow shortly on the individual projects.

11 February 2011


The cylinder head has returned from the machine shop and has been re-assembled.  The valve clearances are all set and the head has been re-fitted to the block.  Graeme is currently fitting the inlet and exhaust manifolds.

Having originally been in the USA, the car has an elaborate emission control system fitted.  This is now being removed and the manifold modified to suit.

Cylinder head before machining

Cylinder head on return from machine shop

Cylinder head (side view showing new studs fitted)

Head in position prior to setting cam timing

Derby Bentley 4 1/4 Re-wire

Wiring diagrams with control box as the work progresses

The re-wire is well under way. 
All cables are cut and routed.  The electrical fittings are now being put back into place and connected up. 

New cables on bulkhead

New cables pushed through bulkhead
on interior of car

Cables routed and ready
for conduiting

First part of conduit in place

Cables all neatly hidden away in conduiting

01 February 2011

Derby Bentley 3 1/2

We have a second Derby Bentley in the workshop at the moment for a major service, modifications to the floor for easy access to the dipstick and gearbox filler and work on the diff.
Sludge in the centre of the diff

Wear on the brake shafts
(these have now been metal sprayed and machined
back to the correct size)

Diff parts ready for rebuild showing the new bearings
fitted into their housing

Diff ready to take bearing housing


The engine rebuild on the E-type is now well under way.  The bottom end is complete and back into position along with the gearbox.  The top end is currently being worked on and should be in position later this week.
Damaged bores showing wear ridge

Evidence of leaks from the core plugs

Rust visible in the cylinder head

Rust on the timing gears

Re-bored block with new core plugs fitted

Bottom end complete and ready for re-fitting

Derby Bentley 4 1/4 chassis refurbishment

Front section of chassis exposed
 While it is with us this Derby
Bentley is having a tidy-up.  The chassis has been rubbed down to remove all the corrosion.
Chassis rubbed down with
corrosion removed

Holes visible in chassis
Patch welded into position

A very small hole to the side of the running board outrigger was exposed.  On removing the outrigger a further couple of holes were discovered.  The corrosion was, therefore, cut out and a new section welded into place.

Following this the whole chassis has been painted in rust inhibiting primer before having a top coat of gloss black 

Chassis painted in rust inhibiting primer
Chassis now repainted in black