22 May 2012

Historic Vehicles MoT Exemption

The following article appeared on the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs' website yesterday regarding MoT tests for pre-1960 vehicles:

Historic Vehicles MoT Exemption Review

Mike Penning, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport, has announced the results of the Historic Vehicles MoT Exemption Review. The DfT is in favour of exemption for pre-1960 vehicles and it is proposed this will take effect from 18 November 2012. Owners of exempted vehicles will be able to take them for a voluntary test under the new regulations.
The FBHVC’s initial response is a guarded welcome to a result that matches the wishes of the majority of respondents to the Federation’s MoT survey. We hope to get more information about the detail of the proposals from the DfT in due course, in order to make a proper assessment – particularly about passenger carrying vehicles in commercial use which we were surprised to note are also to be exempt from MoT testing.
In general historic vehicle owners are law abiding and safety conscious and are aware that they have a duty to ensure their vehicles are in a roadworthy condition and accept the exemption from MoT testing is not an excuse for poor maintenance

One of the points raised in the report was the small amount of miles covered by pre-1960 vehicles, on average.  Hopefully this will not see a move to restrict the mileage.  As we have previously said, we would urge owners to keep maintaining their cars regularly and have often picked up minor problems at a service which, if left, can develop into something much more expensive.  As the saying goes "A stitch in time".....

04 May 2012

1959 Raleigh RM1 Moped

We have been contacted by a friend looking to sell the following moped.  Please contact Trevor direct if you are interested.  Milford Vintage Engineering have not seen the moped and cannot comment upon its condition