28 October 2014


We have had two cars in recently with cracked wheel rims.  Most recently an OM 665 Superba (1925) where the owner had noticed the problem and has asked us to send the wheel to have a new rim made.  Prior to the OM we had a 1935 Derby Bentley in the workshop undergoing a full re-wire.  Quite a few of the Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars of this period have wheel discs to cover the spokes meaning that the wheels are totally hidden.

Crack easily visible (Derby Bentley wheel)
 Whilst the car was with us we needed to move it in the workshop which gave rise to a strange creaking noise.  This was located to one of the wheels so we removed the disc to reveal a large crack running approximately quarter of the way round the rim.  When the tyre was inflated to the correct pressure (it was slightly low) the crack increased.  The car had been driven some 170 miles to us, most of which is motorway, so the owner was extremely lucky to have arrived in one piece.  We regularly check cars for wheel defects if they come in for a service, however it is worth keeping an eye on the condition of your wheels in the meantime.  The RREC have published our picture with a small article from our customer to alert fellow members to this problem, but we will be happy to check your wheels if you would like, so please get in touch.
New wheel rim ready to have tyre fitted