14 December 2012

Proposed European Roadworthiness Directive

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs has released the following statement with regard to the proposed European Roadworthiness Directive:

14 December 2012

Meeting with Minister

Transport Minister Stephen Hammond has met with historic vehicle campaigners to discuss the proposed European Roadworthiness Directive.

Mr Hammond met East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group along with John Cryer MP, treasurer of the group, and officers of the Federation of British Historic Vehicles Clubs at the minister’s office in the House of Commons to discuss concerns about the proposed new EU Roadworthiness Directive.

There are widespread concerns that requiring older cars to be in a largely ‘original’ state could mean that vehicles with up-rated brakes or an overdrive unit fitted to the gearbox could fall foul of the new rules.

At the meeting the Minister revealed that great progress had been made in the EU discussions, which are on-going, and that he was now more optimistic and was confident that there will be sufficient latitude in the EU wording to allow the UK to adopt a reasonable and wide interpretation of the rules, so as not to impinge on the use and enjoyment of historic vehicles in the UK.

“It was a very positive meeting and the minister clearly has the interests of the classic car owners at the forefront of his mind in these negotiations”, Greg Knight said afterwards.

David Whale, chairman of FBHVC, added: “Our meeting with the minister was indeed very positive. Mr Hammond is taking a personal and pro-active position in the negotiations with the EU and clearly wishes to achieve a successful outcome for the owners of historic vehicles”.

04 December 2012

Pre 1960 Cars MOT Exempt

Further to previous discussions about the possibility of pre-1960 cars becoming exempt from MOT testing in November 2012 this has now come into force.

You can find more information about this from DVLA on www.gov.uk/getting-an-mot/vehicles-exempt-from-mot

This confirms the exemption and gives a link to form V112 which may be required by the Post Office when taxing your car (or motorbike) which has been manufactured or registered before 1st January 1960.


Alvis on the trailer ready to go to the body shop
The work on the Alvis Speed 20 ash frame is finally finished and the car is now away at the body shop to have the panels refitted and then be repainted.