02 September 2011


CONGRATULATIONS to two more of our clients on their recent prizes

1902 Arrol-Johnston
Recent cup winner for best car in show

1969 Jaguar E-type
Second prize at the Mearns Show
We regularly carry out servicing and small jobs on the Arrol-Johnston, and the E-type was a fairly large restoration project earlier this year.  More pictures can be found on our website http://www.vintage-engineering.co.uk/ and earlier posts on this blog.

01 September 2011


One of Ian's favourites is back in the workshop for a little attention.  This is a 1923 WO Bentley which has remained in the same family for a very long time.  She was at Le Mans with the Ecurie du Lapin Blanc and still has the invitation to the 1938 prize-giving pasted to the inside of her door.  She is in for us to have a look at her steering and have some new tyres fitted.

Soon to undergo some work on the steering

In her wartime role