21 December 2011


We are in the process of carrying out repairs to the ash frame on an Alvis Speed 20SB and have just chosen and collected the lenghts of ash before Ian starts work on reproducing parts of the frame.

Some of the ash ready for cutting and shaping

16 December 2011


One of our customers has asked us if we know of anyone looking for a Rolls-Royce 20/25.  We do not buy or sell cars ourselves, but have said we can put her information on our blog.  We give no warranty as to the condition or suitability of the car for any potential buyer, but will be able to pass details on to our customer if you are interested.

FOR SALE 1935 Rolls Royce 20/25  TRIALS CAR
Chassis Number GSF-3
Sunshine Saloon/ Long Wheel Base 
Barker Body
A very original car with Coachwork by Barker.
Engine Overhaul 1971 (61,000 miles on clock) .
Total Body Bare Mental Re-spray 2000.
Fifth owner. 
Owned for 15 years by RREC Scottish Section Member
All invoices of work carried out.  Over £25,000 spent
Fifth owner since new.
One of the first cars with a Sunroof and Dipped Headlights.
Barker’s publicised her new body shape in December 1935.
Rolls Royce Motor Car Bulletin of December 1935 and documented in Bird’s and Hallows.  
RREC Rallies (Central Southern, North East Section, Oxford Section, Scottish Section, Yorkshire Section and some Euros).
First Point of Contact:  ianmilford@vintage-engineering.co.uk

07 December 2011


Ian and Graeme running cables
The work on the front brakes of the1930 Rolls-Royce 20/25 is now complete and the front axle king pins and bearings have been replaced.  The one-shot system has been overhauled and we have just finished replacing the clutch.  The re-wire is underway and the gearbox will be refitted once the wiring conduits are back in position.  When the wiring is completed we will move on to the back brakes and refitting the front wings.

Clutch pressure plate complete with old lining
Pressure plate stripped down

Clutch cover with fingers removed

Clutch fingers and pivots ready for overhaul

New linings on pressure plates

Pressure springs and other components ready for build up

Clutch cover with fingers in position

Pressure plate assembled ready for refitting

Clutch into position on flywheel

02 December 2011

Snowed under

The blog may have been quiet for a few weeks, but here in the workshop we've been snowed under, although not literally quite yet as the first few flakes have settled in the last couple of days.

The mouse nest is just visible on the left and
the wires it has exposed are on the right

The guys have been keeping busy with various different vehicles including removing a mouse nest from an MGB GT and repairing the wiring loom it's resident decided to eat!

The nest in all its glory!

We also finished a few minor jobs on the 1964 Porsche 356C in time for its owner to drive it down to the Scottish Austin Seven AGM in New Lanark where it was much admired before being driven home to the North of Scotland.

World's Smallest v12 Engine

Time to branch out?  Here's a video link sent by one of our customers with a V12 E-type

World's Smallest v12 Engine Break.com