31 August 2012

1933 AUSTIN HEAVY 12/4

Work is continuing on the Austin Heavy 12/4.  The engine has been stripped and some parts are away for machining.  In the meantime the back axle has been stripped and rebuilt, the king pins have been stripped and refurbished, new hub bearings fitted and the brake shoes are relined and in the process of being fitted.  The chassis has been rubbed down to remove all the corrosion and is now repainted using a rust-inhibiting primer and two coats of black.

Work about to begin on the chassis

Painted in rust-inhibiting primer

Final coats have been applied

Ian and Raymond inspect the rear
axle parts prior to building it back up
Rear axle now refurbished

Backplate, king pin, brake shoes and
stub axle being stripped

Following refurbishment the backplate,
king pin and stub axle are built up and
await fitting of the brake shoes

16 August 2012


How often have we remarked that our work seems to go in cycles - whether it be a whole host of gearbox or engine rebuilds, or just a number of the same marque of car.  At the moment we have a bit of both!

Firstly we seem to be over-run by pre-war Austins.  We currently have an Austin Heavy 12/4 from 1933 for a major restoration, as well as a big 18hp Austin Six from 1937 having the necessary to get it roadworthy and through an MOT.  We also have a couple of Austin Sevens on the go as well.  Add to that three Austin Healeys with gearbox problems (including one belonging to a German tourist) and you can see how strange the world of co-incidence is!

The big Austin Six with bench seats on both sides in the back.
The blue tarpaulin roof has now been removed and replaced
with black Everflex as per our instructions.  The engine has been
removed and stripped ready for machining.

Austin Heavy 12/4
Work is now well underway and lots of replacement parts have
been arriving.  The engine is stripped, the suspension is being
worked on at the moment

Austin 7
The picture shows the car on casters so that we can move it
in the workshop while the back axle is being worked on.
It has now had a new crown wheel and pinion and is off
for an MOT test today following various other jobs we have

Austin Healey gearbox
Not too many steps from this.....

.....to this.
The gearbox has now been stripped and new parts ordered