21 January 2011

Derby Bentley 4 1/4

This Derby Bentley is in the workshop to have the steering box refurbished and has now been stripped out ready for its rewire.

A view of the old cables after the conduits were taken off -
note that the rubber has melted and is appearing through the cotton braiding

Rear of dash showing poor condition of cables to be replaced

Front firewall all steam cleaned and ready
to be further cleaned up using wire wool

Front cockpit area stripped out for re-wire

The chassis has been steam cleaned ready to be rubbed down and have a coat of paint after which the new cables will be run.

Dash on removal from car
(with rear axle from 3 1/2 litre Derby Bentley in the background) 

The dash is also being repaired and tidied up while it is here.

Dash now stripped, sanded and painted in primer
On removing the carpets and trim we discovered that the rear footwells had advanced corrosion and have been asked to carry out the necessary repairs.

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