10 June 2011


Rear brake shoes contaminate with
oil from the back axle
 Following her earlier visit to us with fuel problems, Lavinia  (1927 Rolls-Royce 20hp) has just been back to have her brakes overhauled, steering poundages set and all lubrication checked before her journey south to the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club Annual Rally at Rockingham Castle next weekend. 

Rear brake and hub parts
ready for cleaning

The rear brakes were heavily contaminated with oil so had to be re-lined.  Following re-fitting we used our specialist brake cutter to ensure that the shoes would have maximum contact with the drums when applied.

Our specialist brake cutting tool ensures that, when applied,
the brake shoes have maximum contact with the drum in all
positions without having any high spots

 On checking her fluid levels, we found several that were low, including the steering box and the gearbox from which we drained less than an eggcup of oil.

On inspection, the steering box had
virtually no oil present

 She was collected yesterday for her drive to an overnight stop near Carlisle and will make her way gracefully down over the next week.

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